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[Fanfic] Super Junior

Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: KyuMin (KyuhyunxSungmin)
Title: Now You Can Fly
Summary: Kyuhyun and Sungmin are childhood friends and so much more. But everything has its time, and time must needs be obeyed. Sungmin wonders what it's like to fly; Kyuhyun understands that one day they both will know.
Warning: Character death, but not angsty
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The only things I own are the following 1758 words and about a zillion pieces of merchandise.

Now we can fly.Collapse )

[Update] Love Writes

Hello, everyone!

Deadline is way past, but this me, saying hello. :)

Many participants haven't submitted yet so:

The deadline will be moved to February 13th.

So everyone, get your pens writing (or keyboard tapping) for Love Writes: Spread some love, not the legs.

For those who submitted on time, don't worry, because I will push through with your entries. :) It will all be up and running tomorrow. I promise.

Now, lemme just rest. Sick comm!Umma is very sick.

♥ Aki.

[Newsletter] Volume 3 Series 2012

Hello, dearest 110 members! ♥


Let us all welcome the  love month with a bang! ♥

As you all know, Love Writes fics will be posted on the 8th of February, 2012. :) It's not too late to join. If you have a handy cheesy K-PG13 fic, send it to us!

I'm proud to announce that two (2) participants have submitted their works! ♥ I'm very excited for the others! ♥

If you haven't seen it, see this post for details. Come and join; give and you will receive. Love begets love; so spread some love. ♥

In the meantime, I'll just greet you Happy February! ♥

Enjoy this month with art. Lots of art. :">

HAPPY FEBRUARY, EVERYONE! I'm glad to have you as members of this comm. :"> You are a fulfillment to my moderator career. Haha. :">

♥ Aki.

[Newsletter] Volume 2 Series 2012

Welcome, dearest members! ♥

There are 107 of you now, and I feel so proud! ♥ Cheesy!Comm Umma is cheesy! I hope you are all enjoying your stay somehow~

The community feels like it's dying, and I am trying my best to revive it so I am very, very happy and proud to announce that after three days into publishing our Valentine's Day event, we have 14 participants---and counting!

If you haven't seen it, see this. Come and join; give, and you shall receive. Love begets love--so spread the love. 

The new year's just started, but hey! You shouldn't stop requesting! I, myself, am working on a request I've accepted last year. don't hesitate to do the same!

Look forward to this year because there will be fun activities!

Enjoy your 2012! ♥

♥ Aki.

[Contest] Love Writes.

Hello, everyone! ♥

I know that the year just started, but hey! As I've posted before, we should all start with a bang! *u*

So, as our first BANGING!contest this year, we, the mods, present:


Spread some love; not the legs.

Are you interested? Read on. :*

What is Love Writes about?Collapse )

Remember, everyone ♥,

This event was made in the pure intention of making everyone happy. Therefore, what you want to say is important! For comments and suggestions, you can comment on this post. ♥

FEBRUARY is the month of LOVE ♥. Spread some love; not the legs! ♥Share some goodwill, and shower everyone with virtual chocolates!

  ♥ Aki.


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[Newsletter] Volume 1 Series 2012

Hello, our beloved 99 members!

We know it is a little bit late, but, here it is.

Fireworks! Happy New Year!


Let us all welcome the new year with a bang!

♥ Aki. Annoi. Alice.

[Fanfic] Dong Bang Shin Ki

Title:  The Origami Love

Fandom and Pairing: Dong Bang Shin Ki || YooSu

Summary: 1000 days ago, they made a promise to each other. Will they keep to their promise?

Rating: R

Author: esteebusu

Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction.

"How long have we been together?"

Mod note: I would like to apologize to esteebusu because I never got around to posting this. SORRY. /tears


Hey, everyone!

The Christmas Themed Fanfiction Writing Contest is now officially OVER.

I will post the only entry after this announcement.

It being the only entry means it wins by default.

esteebusu, you can now request how your customized LJ layout and banner and icon will look like. :) It may all match, if you'd want. Or may not. :))


[Newsletter] Volume 1 Series 2011

Hello, everyone! ♥

Currently, we have 97 members, including my co-mods. I would like to say hello, and apologize for the mods' lack of posts.

Newsletter UNDER the cut. :*Collapse )

That will be all for today! See you around! ♥
♥ Aki.


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