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[Fanfic] Super Junior

Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: implied!Han Geng/Heechul
Title: In Which Heechul Dies and Goes to Hell?
Summary: Heechul's the first to go and he's pretty pissed about it.
Warning: None, unless someone is offended by personifications of Death.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the people in this fic.
A/N: I haven't been able to write much lately :( This is my attempt at trying to get back out there. Not as polished as I wanted it to be and definitely not as long as I wanted it to be, but one day I may expand this into a long ramble of crack-y-ness.

Heechul is the first to go and he’s pretty pissed about it seeing as how Leeteuk is so much older than him. He doesn’t go easy, kicking and screaming all the way. He pretty much pisses Death off to the point that he’s sent straight to hell without a second though.

"Well fuck you." Heechul says when he’s dropped off.

Death flips him off and Heechul smirks. He shrugs and turns to see where exactly he landed. It’s supposed to be hell, but it’s just a bunch of land and it doesn’t even look remotely hot. Heechul is pretty disappointed especially when he thinks about how thirsty he is and a glass of water appears in front of him. The water is just the right temperature and Heechul is almost bored when the glass disappears once he’s done.

"I’m hungry." He says to the thing above his head. He thinks it’s supposed to be the sky, but it’s dark like looking at the sky in the dark. It’s strange because the place he’s in is light enough to see by. There really is nothing and Heechul is more disappointed than the time he found out that when Siwon said "let’s go to church" he actually meant it.

It doesn’t take long for Heechul to realize that he can get whatever he wants just by saying it. The food he gets is fifteen dishes all filled with food that looks almost too good to eat. He thinks about a mirror and gets it. When it gets cold, he just wishes up a house and it’s there.

The only thing Heechul can’t do it wish up company, so he has no one to complain to when he can’t get the right conditioner.

"I am so fucking bored." He tells the sky one day.

There is no answer, but Heechul doesn’t stop. He goes on in what he thinks is a very accurate imitation of Kyuhyun. He’s goes through three days of nonstop bitchery before Death comes back.

"What do you want?"

"What am I supposed to be doing?" Heechul asks. He’s not impressed by the cloak or the scythe. It’s all a bit distasteful in his opinion.

"You’re supposed to be suffering." Death answers.

"I’m not." Heechul says flipping his hair over his shoulder. "What sort of Death are you? Am I supposed to be in hell? Because if this is hell then, I’m glad I never listened to Siwon about going to church."

Death blinks. "You’re alone."

Heechul shrugs. "At least I don’t have to listen to everyone complaining."

"You were just complaining about how you have no one to talk to." Death tells him.

Heechul sighs. "I changed my mind."

"So you’re not going to complain anymore?"

Heechul laughs.

Death, it turns out, is less patient than Heechul though. He’s in the middle of telling Death about the time he and Hankyung got caught in the dressing room in the middle of one of their performances, when Death turns around and walks away. Heechul takes careful note of the exact location where Death walked out and then he wishes a pillar in front of it.

It’s only fair, he thinks as he goes back to staring at the dark sky.

Heechul is alone for three more days, or so he thinks. The calendar next to his bed isn’t exactly accurate. He’s pretty sure October has 31 days, not 53, but then he’s never been in hell so he doesn’t know how it works down here. On the third day he wakes up to the sound of someone walking into something hard, followed by profanities that bring a smile to Heechul’s face.

"You’re back." Heechul says when he sees Death getting up from the floor. "Is your period over then?"

Death ignores him, just turns around and starts pulling at something behind the pillar.

"Hey," Heechul says, "I asked you a question."

Death lets go for a second and Heechul hears a dull thud, followed by soft cursing. He recognizes the Chinese and smirks.

"So, you brought me something to play with?" Heechul asks. "This doesn’t even feel like hell. Where am I?"

Death shakes his head. "This is hell."

"It can’t be." Heechul says. "Not that I believe in this crap and all of this makes me believe less, but hell is supposed to be annoying."

"This is hell." Death says.

Heechul scoffs and nods at the person cowering behind the trees he decided should be there. "Who’s that?"

"His name is Han Geng."

Heechul laughs. "Ha, so this can’t be hell. I have Hankyung with me."

Death rolls his eyes and Heechul thinks he might like him. "I never said it was your hell. It’s just his."

And just like that Death is gone and Heechul stares. "Hankyung," he says, "come here."


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Feb. 15th, 2012 07:35 pm (UTC)
HAHA that was pretty funny
Feb. 15th, 2012 07:53 pm (UTC)
Lol! Poor Hangeng xD He will be tortured and this is gonna be real hell for him :D

Thank you for sharing~
Feb. 16th, 2012 01:59 pm (UTC)
Omg, I actually burst out laughing at the end! This was hilarious!
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