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[Fanfic] EXO

Fandom: EXO
Pairing: Lu Han/Sehun
Title: Home
Summary: After a long journey, Lu Han and Sehun stop for a small fire in the middle of unknown grounds.
Warning: ...nothing LOL
Rating: K (G)
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone, anything but the fic. :3
A/N: I'm sorry that it's super short!

The fire crackled as Lu Han hugged his knees tighter, one hand reaching out for the warmth of the blaze. Above him was the starry night sky and beneath him was the dry, parched dirt. In front of him was that miraculous little fire he was able to spark up and behind him was the van he had been driving across the land for sleepless nights. Beside him was his silent companion, Sehun. Lu Han spied on him with the corner of his eye for a while before he quickly became bored, shifting his sitting position and grabbing that branch lying on the ground to poke the hearth of the fire. He fed the hungry fire with a few twigs and rested his cheek on his palm, almost wanting to smile at the hard crease between Sehun’s eyebrows. All that the boy had done so far was worry – that, and eat Lu Han’s food.

“Hyung,” Sehun glanced up at Lu Han, finally tearing his eyes away from the old, golden map and looking at something (or so Lu Han thinks) much more worthwhile.

Surprised, the older could only hum a, “hmm?”

Sehun scooted his chair over and pressed his finger over a tiny red dot. “Hyung…home.”

Lu Han stared at the dot, wondering if “home” was all Sehun was thinking about during the long journey.

“Maybe if we reach there, we can find the others too.”

Lu Han traced his finger over the red dot as well and then tried to remember the last time he had seen the others, or even the last time he had a place to call home. “A home sounds like a nice place,” he muttered and continued to look at the map, missing the smile on Sehun’s face that he had been secretly aching to see.

“It is, hyung.”

Lu Han saw a sparkle greater than the stars that night in Sehun’s eyes and pressed an impromptu kiss to the younger’s pink, smooth lips – “I promise to get you home.”


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