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[Fanfic] Super Junior

Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Donghae/Hyukjae
Title: The Language of Love
Summary: It was those early mornings that got Donghae thinking.
Warning: Slight language
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior. V_V
A/N: Happy Valentine's Day~ I hope you enjoy my story. ^^

There was something about waking up in the morning, all snug and warm and finally in a comfortable position after tossing and turning in intervals during the night. Something about the way the sun wasn't even beginning to think about leaking through the curtains and the unholy screech emanating from beside the bed. The source: the alarm clock.

There was just something about waking up in the morning that made Donghae want to punch a sleeping child in the kidney.

He reflexively hit the alarm, attempting to quiet it. In a daze from being suddenly awoken, it took him a few moments before he realized that the banshee was still roaring. Limbs heavy from sleep, Donghae fumbled for what seemed like ages before finally managing to successfully quiet the machine.


He rolled over and was beginning to drift back to sleep when his second alarm went off. It hit him on the stomach, stood on his chest and leaned over Donghae's face before poking him with its nose. He laid still until he felt a tongue wetting his face, even landing on his lips and causing him to gag.

“Okay, okay, Sunny, that's enough,” he sputtered, holding his hands out to push the dog away from him. She perked her ears and tilted her head as if to ask if he was really going to push her away so unceremoniously. Donghae ruffled her fur and satisfied, Sunny proceeded to jump on the other occupant of the bed.

Sunny was a little more playful with the other; bouncing on his chest and pressing her muzzle against his face- urging him awake with unstoppable energy. With a few licks, Sunny managed to get him to uncurl and flip over so that he faced Donghae.

Amused, Donghae looked at the other man- who looked as if hell had frozen over- and smiled. “Morning, Hyukkie!” he greeted in chipper tones and brushed a piece of hair from Hyukjae's forehead. Hyukjae stared at him with a dull look before flipping back over and curling himself around a stuffed animal.

Sunny looked as if she was appraising the situation and before Donghae knew it, Sunny had somehow managed to squeeze under the covers and replace the stuffed animal in Hyukjae's arms. Donghae stared unbelievingly at the pair before glancing up at the clock. That's why they did early wake-ups whenever he stayed at Hyukjae's apartment. Rolling his eyes, Donghae decided it was time to employ his ultimate technique of getting Hyukjae out of bed. He took a secure hold on the blankets, began pulling and wrapping them until he had managed to roll off the bed with all of the covers falling on and around him.

He sat up quickly, looking over the mattress edge to be greeted by a glaring Hyukjae and a dog that was jumping off of the human bed in favor of her own in the corner of the same room. As Donghae crawled back on the blanket-less bed, Hyukjae brought his fist facing outward, fingers in a V shape, to his forehead.


In response, Donghae brought his own fist up to his temple, letting the pinky side touch his head. He stuck out his tongue and Hyukjae let out breathy laughter. Hyukjae rolled to be closer to the middle of the bed, running into Donghae's side and poking it with a finger.

Donghae retaliated by playfully pulling at Hyukjae's puffy morning cheeks, laughing in delight when Hyukjae grabbed Donghae's shirt tightly, only letting go to let his open right hand to tap his left palm, pinky hitting the left, like a judge's hammer.

Stop, stop, stop.

Donghae persisted for a moment, pretending not to understand Hyukjae. Once the abuse had ceased, Hyukjae tried to roll away but was stopped by Donghae quickly wrapping his arms around Hyukjae's waist.

Reduced to trying to squirm out of the hold, Hyukjae paused for a moment. Donghae looked at him with a raised eyebrow before Hyukjae smirked mischievously and landed a quick kiss on Donghae's lips. The tactic didn't exactly work, as on reflex Donghae just tightened his grip on the other, bringing him closer to Donghae's side. Nuzzling into Hyukjae's hair, Donghae trilled his lips against Hyukjae's temple, who in turn stopped squirming and wrapped his arms mutually around Donghae.

It was similar to the peace after turning off the morning alarm, but with a much more relaxing atmosphere. The knowledge that they weren't alone.

Donghae shifted, inhaling the scent of the other that he would recall to memory during the day until later in the evening when he could see the other again. There was a knock on the door and Donghae shifted again, this time voicing, “Yes?”

Hyukjae turned up his eyes to look up towards Donghae. He had felt the other's breath on his skin and the vibrations in his throat, the silence that was so integrated in his life going from calm to questioning with the vocal cues from Donghae. He raised an eyebrow when Donghae looked down at him. Freeing his hands, Donghae placed them, palms out, in front of him. He kept his left stationary but flicked his right towards himself twice.
“Someone's at the door.”

“Can I come in?” Donghae recognized the voice as the roommate of Hyukjae, Lee Sungmin.

“We're indecent,” Donghae responded without missing a beat, laughing and placing a gentle kiss on Hyukjae's forehead that was furrowed with concentration.

“Well you might want to get decent, “Sungmin continued, his voice slightly muffled, “Unless you somehow mastered sign language overnight and can ask Hyukjae what he's doing today and successfully translate it for me through this door.”

Frowning in defeat, Donghae flung his leg over Hyukjae's hip and called Sungmin into the room. Slightly surprised, Hyukjae attempted to sit up as Sungmin opened the door. Donghae just tightened his embrace around Hyukjae once again, keeping him close despite his struggling. Sungmin eyes traveled from the couple on the bed and the blankets piled on the floor before he looked accusingly at the two.

“He said you were indecent,” Sungmin spoke aloud as his hands motioned the meaning of his sentence. It was a skill Donghae looked upon with envy as Sungmin fluently and casually depicted complicated vocabulary. “Cuddling in the morning while being completely dressed is not indecent.”

Hyukjae watched Sungmin diligently and smacked Donghae on the chest. He scrunched his nose and swiped his pointer finger across the skin between his nose and mouth and brought his hands down parallel in front of himself.
Liar, he signed playfully. Donghae took Hyukjae's nose in between his pointer and thumb, wiggling it back and forth and matching Hyukjae's expression.

“Quit flirting, I have to leave soon,” Sungmin rolled his eyes, but was smiling as he spoke, getting their attention with his voice and hand movements. “What are you doing today, Hyukjae?”

Donghae pulled back from his death-grip hug, allowing Hyukjae more room to fully sign his response to Sungmin. His expressions were the grammar to his sentences- eyebrows up for a 'yes' or 'no' question, eyebrows down for a question that demanded a more detailed answer, cheeks puffing and eyes widening, Hyukjae's movements were vibrant and expressive; beautiful on their own and paired together. Again, Donghae wished conversations between himself and Hyukjae could be that easy- no slow and messy writing or confusing and jumbled up signs (Hyukjae had gotten a good laugh when Donghae had mixed up the signs for stars and socks. You're eyes are pretty like socks.).

“Do you guys want to have dinner with me and Kyu tonight?” Sungmin asked after receiving Hyukjae's plans for the day and discussing whether or not Hyukjae needed Sungmin to go with him somewhere for translation purposes.

Hyukjae glanced at Donghae with raised eyebrows.

Yes or No?

Donghae shrugged and brought his pointer finger from his chin and in an arc in front of himself. “Sure.”

Sungmin relayed the details and promptly left with the promise of seeing the two later that night. Donghae looked up at the clock and sighed, lifting himself up and stretching while sitting on the bed with his legs crossed beneath him. Hyukjae copied his actions and cracked his back with a flexible curve to his spine.

Reaching over, Donghae pulled on Hyukjae's wrist to bring his forearm closer to himself. Hyukjae looked on curiously as the other traced a few letters on Hyukjae's arm with a steady hand. Donghae looked up expectantly when he finished the short sentence.


Eyes bright and expression ecstatic, Hyukjae pounced on Donghae and pressed his lips against Donghae's in a manner so that Donghae understood Hyukjae felt the same.

There was something about waking up in the morning next to the one you loved that just made everything worth it.


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Feb. 11th, 2012 01:49 pm (UTC)
This is so sweet I went all big-eyed and 'awwww' ;__;

It reminds me a bit of 'Nectarine Sunset' by poisonpickles ^^

'Your eyes are pretty like socks.'

Feb. 13th, 2012 05:18 pm (UTC)
There was just something about waking up in the morning that made Donghae want to punch a sleeping child in the kidney.

this is my favorite sentence of the whole thing :D

this was all kinds of sweet and adorable! i loved it
Feb. 17th, 2012 04:15 am (UTC)
Awww, I love this fic in so many ways. Their interactions are so sweet and the descriptions are beautiful.

Thanks so much for sharing this lovely story~~~
Feb. 17th, 2012 12:24 pm (UTC)
You're eyes are pretty like socks.
There was just something about waking up in the morning that made Donghae want to punch a sleeping child in the kidney.
had to be the best lines ever \o/
i really enjoyed this and it was the kind of adorable where i squirm and giggle and flail about <3
Feb. 17th, 2012 09:31 pm (UTC)
This is great~!
I love your writing ^^
Feb. 21st, 2012 03:18 pm (UTC)
this was cute.

"You're eyes are pretty like socks"

LMAO can totally imagine Donghae being like this. XD
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