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[Fanfic] SHINee

Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: OT5
Title: Of boredom and its many cures
Summary: Key is not quite pleased about Taemin's bratty little intrusion on his life.
Warnings: mention of the word sex...?
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I owned SHINee, would it be likely that I was here writing fics about them? No.
A/N: un-beta’d nor looked over much, but I think I’m fine on the area of spelling/grammar/stuff most of the time, sooo i think it’ll be okay? :) ... it was supposed to be a fluffy OT5 but whatever. -_- The end part hints subtly at SSTP 01/10/12 recordings of Jongkey. 8D

It wasn’t like it was obvious that Taemin was bored. Not at all. It wasn’t obvious in the way that he sat in front of the television, flipping mindlessly through the channels. It wasn’t obvious when he yawned and then looked to make sure no one saw. It wasn’t obvious in the repetitive tapping of his foot, the expression that gave away everything he was thinking.

And Key had had enough of it.

Despite his age, his parents still didn’t trust him alone, so when they left for business trips, he was stuck with Key. Key had no problems with it, but Taemin... well, Taemin wasn’t easily appeased. The richness in his family must have gotten to him or something, but the kid could not be amused. Key had tried everything (okay, not everything, but whatever).

They went shopping (an activity that Key enjoyed, enjoyed very much).


“Key, when are we going to go? I don’t want new clothes,” the younger boy gestured at his already high-end ‘in’ clothes, pouting and dropping the bags of purchases already made on the ground.

Unfortunately, begging Key to stop shopping was not the way to go. “Listen, Taemin, we’ll go through two more shops, and if you don’t make a peep, not one peep, I will go back. If you make any sounds – and I mean any, we will stay here until six pm in the night. Do you hear me?”

The way Key was glaring at him and the threat of staying in a mall shopping until his arms fell off was rather effective in cutting off Taemin’s protests, and the boy quietly picked up the bag, following Key.

It was, after all, a very true threat, considering it was only eleven in the morning. If he stayed for much longer, Taemin was sure his arms would fall off by the end of the day.

Still didn’t mean he enjoyed shopping, though.

The next day, they went to Lotte World.


Being such a childish teenager, Key had thought maybe Lotte World would keep his attention. After all, it was one of the best amusement parks he had been to as a kid himself.

He was wrong.

Taemin had been to the place at least twenty times in his lifespan, and was not amused when Key dragged him there for his twenty-first try. After all, if he didn’t like it the first twenty times, he really doubted he would like it the next one.

So, within minutes of arriving at the amusement park, he was begging – not even whining anymore – to please, please get him out of the place. The music and characters were starting to become rather headache-inducing.

Key threw a fit, but in the end decided that it was probably not good for his parents to come home to a sick Taemin, and brought the boy back. They played video games for the rest of the night.

Key thought it unfair that Taemin put more interest into beating him in the video games than he had into shopping.


The next weekend, they went to see a movie. Key, being the romantic he was, had to go see Breaking Dawn. It was an obligation.

Needless to say, Taemin was not a happy boy. He understood that Key liked movies like this because they didn’t freak him out, but for Taemin? The movie was absolutely pointless.

Yes, lots of excess kissing and sex scenes. He really didn’t need to see it.

“Hyung, why are they having sex again? Isn’t this the fourth time already?” he whispered to Key once, and was quickly shushed.

“Be quiet, Taemin, you’re disturbing the other people, and it’s a part of the plot.” Tsking, Key turned back to the movie.

Taemin pouted to himself, and glanced at the people above him and Key.

Hmm, they did look pretty angry. But he had only talked to Key six times, and it was already forty minutes into the movie! What did they expect him to do, sit and just watch? Psh, no.

“Um, Key-hyung? I think they’re --” Taemin attempted to say, but was quickly foiled when Key muffled his mouth with a fierce glare and a hand over his mouth.

“Yah! Rararararara, yah, ack!” He struggled, to no avail. He stared down at Key’s hand with cross eyes.

Then he licked his palm.

“Yah! Lee Taemin, what are you doing?!” The older boy yelled, normally loud voice seeming even more deafening in the theater.

Suddenly, all eyes turned to the diva.

Feeling the gazes of the people who had been quietly watching the movie, he blushed.

Then he proceeded to rub his palm roughly on his jeans, and grabbing Taemin’s arm, hauled the boy into the car and back to their apartment, where he proceeded to lecture him on anything and everything regarding proper respect to his hyung.


Key gave up on Taemin the day after that, and now, here he was, sitting in front of the television.

It pained his heart a little bit to see Taemin so listless and by himself, because as annoying and bratty as he was, they had still known each other for quite a long period of time.

Continuously thinking about the boy’s quite obviously bored form, he was suddenly struck with a bright idea. He would bring Taemin to noraebang. And he knew just the people to bring along.


“Jonghyun, you want to come with Taemin and the crew to noraebang?” He had told all his friends about Taemin already – after all, the kid was impossible to not talk about, he had been such a frustration the past few weeks.

“Yeah, sure! I’ve been wanting to see this Taemin guy for a while!” Jonghyun responded enthusiastically, the usual. “And you know I’m always up for noraebang, Key.” Key could see the opposite grinning at the telephone dorkily.

Key rolled his eyes, not seen, but quite noticed by the older boy on the other side of the telephone line. “I know, because you love to show off. Kay, bye. Ten o’clock tonight, okay?” Without waiting for a reply because he knew Jonghyun would go, he started dialing the next number.

“Hey, Onew-hyung, are you up for noraebang with Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, and me? I promise it won’t end in anything weird or awkward,” Key asked, fingers of his left hand crossed for luck. Just in case it worked.

“Um, wait, one second,” Key could hear Onew tripping over his socks as he most probably made his way over to his calendar (apparently he needed it for everything), “yeah, I can come. Not much homework today, either.”

“Okay, great, hyung! See you at ten o’clock tonight?” Key held his breath.

“Of course! I’ll bring some snacks and drinks for us, and I wanted to --,” a cracking noise, and then the phone line went dead. Key didn’t worry about it too much, since it was probably his hyung accidentally bumping his elbow or kneecap or something on the side of a table. It was more likely than him getting in an actual incident, anyway. Shrugging, he decided to text Minho instead of call. After all, Onew might be calling back at any time... after he’d healed up his wounds.

AlmightyKey_;) says: U up for noraebang with the crew + tae 2nite?

*MinhoC:<* says: uh whos tae

AlmightyKey_;) says: i told u abt him, remember? T_T

*MinhoC:<* says: uh... o, yeah. sure. what time?

AlmightyKey_;) says: ten pm 2nite, b there. C:<

*Minho>:C* says: k...

Choosing to ignore the way Minho’s name changed from a happy face to an angry face after he’d used the smiley, Key instead decided to prepare Taemin for the noraebang.

After all, it wouldn’t do to have the kid go to such an event in boxers, would it?


It was nine fifty, and Key was more than two hundred percent excited for the noraebang. He was sure Taemin would be happy this time; his parents had indicated that he loved to dance, so why couldn’t he sing? They were pretty much the same thing anyway (except, not really, but Key liked to think of them as closely related).

“Jonghyun-hyung! Onew-hyung!” Key grinned and waved wildly at the two who were approaching, a suddenly shy Taemin, hiding himself behind his back.

He gripped the boy’s collar and dragged him out, putting a stiff smile on. “Guys, meet Taemin, Taemin, meet Jonghyun-hyung,” he indicated the shorter boy with large eyes and a huge grin, “and Onew-hyung,” he said, poking the taller one with an eye smile and a grin that could rival the sun’s brightness.

“Oh, and here’s Minho!” The tallest boy had just turned the corner to the noraebang, having jogged the entire way. “Taemin, this is Minho, hyung to you, and Minho, this is Taemin, the boy I told you about.” Thankfully, they got along wonderfully with Taemin (Key had no idea how, because in his opinion, the boy was definitely an insufferable brat... okay, not really, but sometimes he was!), and were chatting happily with each other as soon as they entered the noraebang.

And over the course of the night, as Jonghyun sang rock songs and Onew sang ballads and Minho added his complimentary rap part into all the appropriate spots, Key and Jonghyun starting to dance irrationally, and Taemin shyly partaking in the singing and dancing fest himself, Key discovered Taemin.

He decided that in that moment, the brightness of Taemin’s true smile could rival Onew’s any day.


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Feb. 13th, 2012 05:32 pm (UTC)
Key had tried everything (okay, not everything, but whatever).


loved this fic :D
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